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Wine Enthusiast

The Wine Enthusiast offers quite a lot of valuable content on its site and that is invariably of a very professional standard. The Buying Guides are packed with tempting sounding wines, and you could always use the facility to try to find them in the UK marketplace.

The slightly confusing home page has links along the top to various commercial enterprises run by Wine Enthusiast Inc. Click on Wine Enthusiast Magazine to see this teaser for the print version of the Enthusiast. Like others of its type it features selected excerpts from the current issue in the hope you will be persuaded to subscribe. However, there is actually a considerable depth of content here, including dozens of Buying Guides, with hundreds of wine recommendations. The site is easy to use and well-written, once again the only drawback for British visitors being a US-centred viewpoint.


Current Issue and Archives contain excerpts from the print magazine. Centre screen are the contents of the current print issue, presented as a table of graphics and short synopses. Only those articles highlighted in blue are reproduced here, and then it is often a sizeable excerpt rather than the whole piece. The homepage also displays a navigation bar down the left hand edge, and one of the links is the Archives. The archive features the previous month’s magazine, but this time all major features are included, and you get the full text.

Buying Guide is an extensive selection of wine reviews and recommendations culled from previous issues. This is a rich resource, with literally dozens of themed tastings, each featuring dozens of wines. The Wine Enthusiast tasters give their comments on each, complete with a score out of 100. Many of the wines featured are American, but by no means all. Dollar prices are given.

Vintage Chart is another full-featured section. The chart itself is colourful and easy to use, covering vintages back to 1978 for all the world’s major regions and grading each for quality and maturity. There is also a nice report on current vintage conditions around the world. Thoughtfully, Wine Enthusiast provide a button which will send a suitably formatted version of the chart to your printer.

By and large, Other Features are very much focused on the US. Wine Links are mostly to wineries. Marketplace has classified ads. Wine Calendar highlights forthcoming events. There are numerous opportunities to subscribe to the print magazine, at $39.90 per year for 14 issues.