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The Quarterly Review of Wines

The Quarterly Review is worth bookmarking and checking once a quarter at least for the high quality articles and latest news. It has little to attract you back more frequently, but it’s free and simple to use and usually has at least one or two pieces of genuine interest.

The print version of the Quarterly Review is a glossy magazine with a circulation of over 150,000 in the States, 35,000 of these as in-room magazines for the very upmarket Ritz-Carlton hotel chain. The website is a trailer for the magazine, and contains the full text from perhaps six or seven articles lifted from the current issue. Previous quarters are archived, so in total the site does offer quite a substantial repository of articles, tasting notes and wine news. Many pieces are penned by anonymous staff writers, but the standard of research and their expertise is invariably good. There’s also a classy list of contributors that includes top UK wine writers such as Clive Coates, Michael Broadbent and Jancis Robinson.

Down the right hand edge of the home page are the articles from this month’s issue. A panel on the left hand side links to general information and to previous issues. This panel is repeated on every page of the site and contains a button marked Main which takes you back to the home page.


Magazine Extracts Between the current and archived issues, the collection of articles collected here forms a sizeable body of material. From useful guides like ‘A Shoppers’ Guide to California Wine’ or ‘Wining and Dining in Paris’, to reports and special features on the world of wine like Clive Coates’ ‘1997 Red Burgundy: An Uneven Year.’ There are also some nice profile pieces on people and producers like ‘A Century of Passion’ (from the Winter 99 edition) which introduces the wines and wine-makers of the Napa Valley’s Beaulieu Vineyards.

All Things Grape and Small Recently added column, which is a round-up of news and interesting stories from the world of wine. Reports on vintages; corporate news of wine industry takeovers, mergers and bankruptcies; new scientific or medical studies into wine — all this and more are covered in reasonable depth.


You can of course subscribe to the print magazine from the site ($34.95 for four issues delivered to the UK).