A beautifully written, compelling blog charting an ex-lawyer's journey into the food industry.

Just over a year ago, Edward Smith was grinding it out in a big City law firm. Yes, he was earning good money. No, he wasn’t happy. So he started a food blog: Rocket & Squash. It would be a creative outlet, he thought, an escape from the life of a lawyer, and a way to indulge in the things he liked doing most.


But in December 2011, realising that he wanted to make a living from food (as opposed to just blogging about it), he left his well-paid job and signed up for a six month ‘fast track’ professional chef course at Westminster Kingsway College. It was a ballsy move and his story, charting his transition from the law to food industry, is a compelling one.


Smith writes beautifully, setting himself monthly Wish Lists of what he wants to cook and where he wants to eat, which he ticks off as he goes. Each item is written up in detail in an effortlessly easy writing-style that is deadpan, self-deprecating and humourous, as well as informative and useful. It is a true pleasure to read: from the cooking tasks he has been set in college; to his experience shooting, gutting, skinning and butchering a deer; and his thoughts on the ‘pasty tax’ or a new restaurant opened in Soho.


There are plenty of touches to this blog – aside from the excellent writing – which set it apart and give it character. At the end of every restaurant review, Smith sums up the place in three words: 10 Greek Street is “underseasoned yet enjoyable,” Pitt Cue Co Soho is “finger licking good” and so on. Meanwhile, there’s the Wish List (which is charming), and the Reading section offers a useful guide to Smith’s favourite food critics, bloggers, books and so forth. The blog’s design is great too: simple but stylish.

If Smith doesn’t make it as a chef, he most certainly has a career as a food writer. Either way, he seems certain to achieve his goal of making a living in the food industry. Watch this space.

Emily Jenkinson

17 April 2012