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Word of Mouth - Observer Food Monthly Blog

Instant fix for food and no calorie intake involved.

The Word of Mouth is the Observer Food Monthly's Blog found on the Guardian's site. For an instant fix on food, the forum provides a lively and varied mixture of writing and podcasts.

The blog is added to on a daily basis so there is always something to tickle your fancy with contributions from the Observer's posse of esteemed writers. Catch up with Jay Rayner's musings, click in to a fast food special podcast showing easy to follow recipes or read the latest stories on chefs, cheese or comfort food. Contributors include Paul Levy, Allegra McEvedy (chef and co-founder of Leon), Alex Renton and Tim Hayward, all coralled under the editorship of Susan Smillie.

Wannabe bloggers can check the most active blog spots and post their comments. You'll need to register with blogs in order to leave feedback. After a period of time, articles are closed limiting the number of comments left, which makes for easier reading. You won't be scrolling down the list ad infinitum.

This is a great site for checking into on a regular basis. Be sure to see the podcasts too.