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Midnight Feasts

Read by day, feast by night.

Who hasn't raided the fridge at midnight when a half full can of baked beans takes on a new lease of life. The house is quiet, the stomach rumbles and the kitchen beckons. Rules can be thrown out of the window as no-one is around to witness these late-night munchies. And you're not alone, as Midnight Feasts attests, you're in good company.


This delectable anthology of recipes and ideas from the great and the good; food writers, chefs and celebrities are all at it and you too can enjoy their fridge raids, perhaps collecting some good ideas along the way. The likes of Gillian Anderson, Anya Hindmarch, chef Fergus Henderson share childhood memories of midnight feasts, bringing to mind Enid Blyton and the Famous Five whilst sharing their present food fixes.


Some of the recipes are simple, five minute wonders. Gillian Anderson's frozen banana and peanut butter sandwiches require freezing but once you've done a batch, they're easy to grab and pretty good too. Gwyneth Paltrow's contributions of Capon, Grandma Style and Chinese Duck, look labour and time intensive but if you're an insomniac, might just do the trick.

A reason to have crumpets on tap is the recipe for Mark Hix's Welsh Rabbit Crumpets. Mix grated cheese (Caerphilly or Cheddar) with egg yolks, Worcester sauce, English mustard, a splash of cream. Spread over the toasted crumpets and grill until browned.

Laurie Bellanca's drawings make Midnight Feasts all the more charming and just remember that the children's dyslexia charity, Springboard, will benefit from the sales of this recipe book.

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