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The Basic Basics Baking Handbook by Marguerite Patten

The one stop cookbook to successful baking.

Another in the suitably sensible series, published by Grub Street and written by stalwart Marguerite Patten. How we have come to love this retro looking series but as we said about Jams Preserves and Chutneys Handbook, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Literally decades of experience have gone into the writing of this book, in order to make it the one stop cookbook to successful baking. We have been so spoilt with wonderful photography in baking books of late, so The Baking Handbook brings you up rather sharply with its decided lack of illustrations. But bare in mind that Marguerite Patten has sold over seventeen million copies and she hasn’t achieved this by being a flash in the pan.

For the small sum of £7.99, you can be party to her wealth of baking knowledge and tried and tested recipes. Starting at the beginning, Marguerite runs over ingredients, the different methods of mixing, oven positions, measurements and equipment.

Once you have mastered this, you are set free to roam at will across the pages, where you will find recipes for bread, pastries, pizzas, biscuits and of course cakes. And if it all goes horribly pear shaped, there are some rescue remedies thrown in for good measure.

Follow her golden rules for success and you will be laughing all the way. It is good to have all the baking recipes you might need under one roof but that’s only if you can tear yourself away from the pretty pictures that other books offer.

Publication details
192 pp. £7.99
Published by Grub Street
ISBN 1904010113

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