What’s hot in summer entertaining, according to Pinterest

There was a time when we thought we could never, NEVER, tire of barbecued sausages and jugs of Pimms. Alas, with a British summer that has put Greece to shame over the last couple of months, we need some fresh inspiration.

Cue Pinterest and its 2018 Summer Entertaining Report. Helpfully tracking what users from across the world have been pinning in relation to summer parties, it comes up trumps with a host of ideas to keep your guests happy as the hot weather continues and the festivities roll on.

Here are some of our favourites.


Bruchetta Bars

Let your guests customise their own bites with a bruschetta bar, up 159 per cent since last year, according to Pinterest. Nope, there is no end to the toppings that can be added to grilled bread and no limit to how beautiful your bar can look with just a little creativity and flair.

Edible Table Runners

No, not table cloths that you eat. More like show-stopping seasonal centrepiece of antipasti – think figs, grapes, pomegranates, dips, cheese, vegetables and charcuterie. Up by 125 per cent since January.


Big Batch Cocktails

Keep a drink in the hand of all your guests with the help of a few Big Batch Cocktails, searches for which have increased by 60 per cent since last year. From Morning Sangrias to Midnight Margharitas, the secret is in lots of added fruit and ice.

White Wine Slushies

First there was Frosé and now White Wine Slushies. Apparently searches for slushies are up by 3037 in 2018. Good to know it’s not just us turning into total lushes in this heatwave.

Water Bars

These have jumped in popularity by 171 per cent since last year offering a brilliant way to decorate a bar cart while keeping guests hydrated. Drinking water has never been so much fun.


Waffle Ice-Cream Sandwiches

A delicious twist on the traditional ice-cream and cone, serve up these waffle ice-cream sandwiches to keep everyone cool at your next summer party.

Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Cooling, delicious and, yes, better for your waistline than a waffle ice-cream sandwich, the trend for fresh fruit popsicles is on the up in 2018. It’s a brilliant healthy treat for kids, too.

July 2018