Mince Pie Martini anyone? Herewith, the festive food trends you can not avoid this Christmas (even if you want to).

As per last Christmas and the one before, the supermarkets have gone crazy, adding ‘twists’ to every long-loved yuletide classic in the name of being ‘festive’. Booze in cheese, cake in booze, caramel in crisps and, of course, a lot of inclusivity and sharing. It is Christmas after all.


Mince Pie Martini

It is no longer enough to have Christmas drinks, we must have drinks that taste like Christmas. And so to the Mince Pie Martini from M&S. Yes, it might get your Christmas engines started, but we’re not at all sure that Bond would approve. Perhaps a newly launched £10 Jaffa Cake Cocktail, also from M&S, would ring his bells instead?


Christmas Pudding Truckle

Injecting cheese with fruit and booze seems to be a big trend of 2018. While Waitrose has given its Wensleydale the treatment by adding caramelised orange and gin, Tesco has gone the whole hog with this Christmas Pudding Truckle, a white stilton with cinnamon, raisins and rum. It’s all “Festive Fun” insists the supermarket. We’re willing to give it a try….


Prosecco & Pink Peppercorn Pringles

In 2018, Prosecco is no longer deemed to be delicious enough on its own – it must be combined with everything. Everything! Scones, olives, cheese, cheesecake… and now, in a teaming with that other festive food fad du jour - weird flavoured crisps – we present: Prosecco and Pink Peppercorn Pringles. A Christmas wish come true? Find them in Asda or Tesco.

Salted Caramel and Cocoa Tortilla Curls

Salted Caramel is delicious. We know it, you know it. This doesn’t mean we want everything to taste of it. NEVERTHELESS, this Christmas, it appears in almost all you hold dear - Christmas pudding (Aldi), cheese (Asda) – and, yes, even crisps like these tortilla curls from Tesco. Is nothing sacred?


Foot-long Pigs in Blankets

Is bigger better? Aldi certainly thinks so if its new festive foot-long pigs in blankets are anything to go by. But if giant lengths of pork don’t, er, float your boat, fret not, you can still go big with sharing mince pies to feed 6, 8-bottle Methuselahs of Prosecco or huge baking Camemberts. Sharing is caring.


Beet Wellington

Vegans worried about not feeling enormously fat and bloated alongside everyone else after Christmas lunch this year must not despair. While ASDA has launched a brand new festive Vegan Cheeseboard for the dairy-free, Waitrose has added over 40 new vegan products to its Christmas range, including Beet Wellington and Nut & Grain Roast. Turkey replacement? We dare you.

November 2018