Fun food ideas for Halloween that won’t take up hours of your time.

Vampire Donuts by She Knows

A funny, super-easy no bake treat to serve at Halloween, all you need for this scary snack are some shop-bought donuts, plastic vampire teeth, some mini candy eyes and red decorating gel for the blood.

Mandarin Pumpkins by Jessica Lea Dunn

Kids tend to go overboard on the sugar on Halloween so it’s great to offer this spooky yet healthy snack to offset the sweet intake. All you need is a Sharpie marker pen and some tangerines. You can also apply your Sharpie to some bananas to make ‘Boo-nanas’. Brilliant.

Bloody Finger Hot Dogs by A Thrifty Mum

Oh, how we love this idea. All you need is a pack of hot dogs, a knife, a pot to boil them in and some ketchup and buns. Just make a few cuts in the hot dogs before you cook them, and there you have a scary snack for your party that isn’t cupcakes or sweets. Job done.

Halloween Ginger Bread Men by Total Bristol

Make, or make life really simple and buy some ginger bread men then pipe on skeletons with icing sugar mixed with water. Easy yet very effective!

Cream Cheese Spider Crackers by La Jolla Mom

It takes less than a minute to make one of these spidery snacks and all you need is some Ritz crackers, some pretzel sticks and a packet of raisins. You could also use peanut or almond butter. Popular on Halloween – or any other time of the year.

October 2018