There’s a friendly and heart-warming hyper-enthusiasm about this site. Like many collectors, Becker's obvious joy in his coveted collection of labels is apparent. There are lots of images gathered here, and it is an ideal stopping-off point for those that share his interest.

Manfred Becker is a German wine and food enthusiast whose German language site covers his hobby generally. One of his big things is wine labels, and this part of the site has been translated into English too. The collection of labels here spans the globe, and each wine featured is accompanied by a high quality illustation of the label. Navigation is a little awkward, as the home page link takes you back to Becker’s main page in German. The site uses an index frame down the left hand edge of the screen, and there is always a link to The Wine Label Gallery at the top of each regional index.


Labels are indexed by country and region, the index appearing in a frame down the left hand edge of the screen. When a region is selected, the list of available labels is displayed. Choose your label, click on it, and the image will appear in the right hand frame. One nice feature is a link that appears alongside some of the labels. It appears as a symbol of a building which, when clicked, will take you to the website for the winery. Herr Becker is also on the lookout for label swapping partners, and those labels he has on offer are marked with another little symbol.


Includes a couple of English language sections. At the bottom of the index frame you will find Vintage Ratings for most of the world’s major wine regions. There is also a section of the site devoted to the country, food and tourism of East Frisia, Becker’s home.