This is a useful site with information on Riedel's crystal glassware but also on wine-tasting in general.

Riedel's range of wine glasses has taken on almost mythical status amongst wine connoisseurs. This site provides a mass of background information on the firm's products as well as detailed scientific background on how our senses of smell, taste and touch play a role in wine appreciation.

This company manufactures a bewildering range of wine glasses. Basically there are four different collections from the everyday ‘Overture’ range of machine-made crystal which runs to a half-dozen glasses, to the hand-blown and delicate ‘Sommelier’ collection which has around three dozen different glass shapes, each scientifically designed to enhance the wine-drinking experience. There is also a collection of decanters. This is not an ecommerce site as such as there are no direct sales, just company and product information.