We have only scratched the surface of this truly information-rich site. Donald A. Bull’s obsession is clearly matched by his knowledge and passion, and there is a lot to enjoy about this up-beat site. Absolutely worth a visit!

Donald A. Bull is, quite frankly, loopy about corkscrews. This site is part museum, part shrine, part swap-shop, and part commercial store selling corkscrews (naturally) as well as books, photos and general corkscrew memorabilia. For those who share Bull'’s passion for quirky, valuable and antique corkscrews, this site is a must. For the rest of us, it still makes for a diverting few minutes of surfing time.

Bull lays his corkscrew-loving life on the page and invites you to have a browse. You can read articles on his trip to Atlantic City for the Collectibles Convention, how he learned to fly a glider through a corkscrew-related friendship, or even the dreadful trials of the journey to buy a corkscrew from Joan, who had answered his small-ad in the local newspaper.

Basic is the word that springs to mind when considering the strategy used for moving around this site. The opening screen has a dozen or so colourful buttons, each of which links to a distinct part of the site. The look and feel of each part is quite different: some use frames; some have a table of menu options, but thankfully the one thing you can rely on is a link back to The Virtual Corkscrew Museum (in other words Home) at the bottom of each page.

Bull glitzes-up his site with plenty of colourful backgrounds, high-quality photographs and cartoon graphics. As a virtual museum lots of detailed photographs are to be expected, though these inevitably slow things down. But the download times can be lived with and in truth, many of the photographs are extremely good and detailed.


Corkscrew The vast corkscrew collection is catalogued and categorised by type such as Bulldogs, Cherubs and Golfing. Within each are photographs and descriptions, with often some background information on that particular genre of corkscrew.

Postcard Gallery An even larger collection of corkscrew-related postcards. Bull’s collection is presented in categories once again, several of which contain dozens of high-quality images of the postcards. Most of these are antique, and many of them are humorous.

Information Booth Everything you ever wanted to know about corkscrews, and possibly a little bit more. Learn about corkscrews and collecting; read the Corkscrew Questions and Answers section; discover the truth about corkscrews in the movies. You can even find out about the role of the corkscrew in Malaysia or Botswana.

Story Room Here is where you can read the accounts of Bull’s adventures in corkscrew-land. These articles are lavishly illustrated with photographs not only of corkscrews, but Bull, his car, his dog, his friends - in fact, of anything that seems to take his fancy. Highly entertaining.


How to Collect Corkscrews is a step-by-step guide for those inspired by Bull's enthusiasm or already intrigued by this hobby. The Club Room has lots of links and information for other collectors around the world. Slide Show is a self-paced leaf through photographs and descriptions of some unusual and valuable corkscrews, and Movie Theatre has lots of movie clips of corkscrews (not corkscrews in the movies, but Bull demonstrating various corkscrew mechanisms).