A wonderful selection of single malt whiskies and a mass of information too.

Royal Mile Whiskies has shops in Edinburgh and Bloomsbury and this site is the one-stop-shop for buying whiskey online from Scotland and the rest of the world.

You need step no further than this site if you have an interest in the tipple as it is packed full of information on distilleries and tasting notes, with the added bonus that online shopping is extremely easy. Be warned that even non-whisky drinkers could soon become converts, given the luscious descriptions of some of the malts.

This is a well-designed site and one that you should study at some length in order to get the most out of it. The deeper you delve, the more you find.
Royal Mile Whiskies sells single malt whisky from a list of distilleries as long as your arm, along with others from around the world, including Japanese, vatted and American. It can also supply you with other spirits, including Absinthe, Cognac, Calvados, Armagnac, vodka and Champagne.

The map lists the malt producing regions of Scotland and it's interactive. Alternatively, find a whisky using the search facility. Results give you the notes on house style, details on the distillery and visiting information, where applicable. Very usefully, the visitor has the opportunity to select up to four whiskies and compare them side to side on one page.

Staff whisky tastings (a bonus for working for Royal Mile Whiskies) act as a good sounding board and you can read their opinions. Alternatively, head for Looking for Inspiration where you will find Offers, Peaty Beasts, Easy Drinkers.

Within Gifts, there are some particularly stylish whisky glasses that will do full justice to your dram.