An alternative wine merchant offering biodynamic and organic wine.

Festival Wines call themselves the alternative wine merchant selling biodynamic and organic and vegan wines. Visit their charming site and you will soon get the message. Read Concepts which tells you how Ben Walgate and Amy Jackson arrived at Brighton based Festival Wines and its launch in May 2005. The notes on what makes wine organic and how it is made is enlightening.

Festival Wines searches the world for ethically and environmentally produced wines that not only taste good but are true to their terroir. The list is small but interesting with some English wines making an appearance. There is no minimum order and delivery is £5.99 in the UK whether you order two bottles or twenty.

Each wine listed has tasting notes, information on the producer and technical information. They also list the Low Sulphur rating of a wine (sulphur dioxide - E220). This chemical can be a major cause or hangovers and headaches. The good news is that organic wines use very much less of PMS than their non organic cousins.