An excellent supplier of wines from Burgundy.

Domaine Direct was set up in 1981 to offer the widest and most thoroughly researched selection of domaine-bottled Burgundy available. The company has received many plaudits, and though they don't boast about it, they count several leading restaurants among their clients. The site is very simple and gives you a taste of what they offer. There is a very fine selection of Burgundies,ranging from the modestly priced to the top end of the market. More recently, Domaine Direct have included wines from the Leeuwin Estate in their repertory. They point out that many of the wines they offer come from small growers. Wine lovers will find some real gems here.

You can buy by email, but not directly online. Wine lovers would be well advised to order a catalogue from the company - who provide an excellent delivery service, tested on many occasions by the Good Web Guide, and never found wanting. Delivery in London is free.