Tear yourself away from Instagram: Our favourite new food blog is a must-see.

Does anyone look at food blogs any more? Or is Instagram too much of a distraction? If you are going to make a special effort for any of them, make sure it is for Wild Greens and Sardines.

We stumbled across this one by accident recently and then spent a merry old time scrolling through the most fabulous array of recipes and mouth-watering photography by Philadelphia-based chiropractor and health policy analyst, Linda Schneider.

Clearly, her true vocation is as cook, photographer and recipe writer, and lucky for us that she has chosen to share these skills in such a beautiful blog.

Inspired by the freshest ingredients, which she prepares simply in order to maximise flavour, colour and texture, Linda has taken inspiration from her travels around the world, and the results are everything that you might want to eat.

Here’s a taster: baby artichoke pasta with pancetta, shallot, a splash of cream, pecorino, red pepper flakes and lemon zest; coffee stout bread pudding (if you thought bread and butter pudding couldn't get any better, you were wrong); steamed Barramudi with ginger, tamari and fresh herbs… we could go on.

Time to put down your phone and open your computer for a much needed browse, we think - or you could just follow her on Instagram @wildgreensandsardines.

September 2018