Great products, delicious recipes and a wealth of information on highly nutritious traditional Japanese and European organic foods.

Clearspring offers award winning organic and traditional foods that are wholesome and delicious. Their high quality standards make them suitable for those on a vegan, macrobiotic or natural food diet.


This attractive and easy to navigate site offers information on all their specialist products as well as delicious recipes and details on where you can buy them.

The health benefits from traditional Japanese foods are numerous. Sea vegetables contain a remarkable range and balance of minerals, traditionally fermented soya foods have an abundance of easily digested micro nutrients and green teas are known for their cleansing and detoxifying properties.

Clearspring also offers a full range of organic cold pressed oils. Produced in Lugano, Switzerland, they have a high vitamin E content and are rich in essential omega fatty acids.

Founded by Christopher Dawson, who lived in Japan during the 1980s and developed the Clearspring range with an aim to promote and distribute great tasting foods that support good health and sustainable agriculture.


Their brilliant range also includes healthy snacks such as rice crackers, roasted seeds and almonds, organic balsamic and wine vinegars and a great selection of 100% organic fruit puree desserts.

There are over forty recipes featuring their ingredients, from soups and stews to stir-fries and exotic salads.

Online shopping is not available on the Clearspring website, but some of their stockists offer home delivery.

All Clearspring foods meet vegan standards, organic foods are certified to EU standards, and selected foods are kosher certified.