Celebrate The Red Beetle, a much-loved site selling the finest Italian food.

Basil pesto, grilled artichoke, spicy peppers, organic hazelnut spread, extra virgin olive oil… salivating already? You haven’t read the half of it yet. If you’re a fan of antipasto, you need to stumble upon The Red Beetle Travelling Food Company, specialists of the finest Italian food. This site brings locally grown, authentic Italian food products to the international markets and online. Need more persuasion? Jamie Oliver is a fan, and as we all know, that naked chef loves his Italian fodder.


Credit must go to founder Deborah for sending these Italian gems to our doorstep. She is Italian by birth but lived in Australian for many years. Her background is in e-commerce and marketing, while her passion is Italian food. In 2015, she thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to travel around Italy, meet awesome food producers along the way and sell their delicious products online?’ And so the site was born; her car, a cherished 45-year-old red Volkswagen Beetle, red of course, by which she travels Italy hunting for authentic Italian products, inspires the name. While Deborah locates the products, manages the site, social media and takes the photographer, it is her husband Fabrizio who helps with the business side, re-touching photos and solving infrastructure problems.


The Red Beetle Shop is a curated collection of the very finest of authentic Italian produce; each item has been carefully screened to ensure it is the very top and of its range. You can find authentic Italian Award-Winning produce among the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Pasta and Rice, Coffee, Chutney Sauces, Antipasto, Sweets and Treats and Hampers. Time to get nibbling on antipasto!


The Red Beetle Travelling Food carefully wraps and packages all products and includes a personal note in the package. Delivery to the UK is free if you spend over £14 and to the EU, free if you spend over £120.


As if you weren’t hungry already, scroll over to the blog for recipes to inspire. Recent recipe posts include Caramelised hazelnuts dark chocolate tart with sea salt flakes; Diana Henry’s chocolate and extra virgin olive oil cake and Lemon and almond cookies. Mmmmm. Want more of these tasty nuggets? Foodies sign up to the monthly newsletter that shares latest stories, newest products and specials.

Enjoy 10% off your first order, quoting code WELOVEGWG.

July 2017