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York Coffee Emporium

Superior coffee sourced from around the world and freshly roasted on site in York.

York Coffee Emporium is dedicated to giving its customers the best coffee, providing over twenty varieties of roasted coffee beans, sourced from Central and South America, Africa and Asia. These gourmet coffee beans are roasted to order at the roastery in York and delivered in the peak of condition. The company is proud to supply local coffee shops, restaurants and hotels as well as selling coffee beans online.


With the impeccably and ethically sourced selection of luxury coffee on offer, how can you possibly choose which variety. Fortunately, there are guides on how best to prepare it along with tasting notes. Choose coffee by strength, device, flavour, origin (single origin or one of York Coffee Emporium's delicious blends), which will be ground to suit your needs (stovetop, AeroPress or cafetiere).

It's worth reading the articles on how to make the perfect coffee, remembering to use water just off the boil. When using a cafetiere, you need to leave the coffee to brew for just three to four minutes. The AeroPress coffee maker is perfect for one cup, making a clean and refreshing brew that is a cross between an Americano and filter coffee.


Roasting your own green coffee beans is not as difficult as you might think and it can be incredibly rewarding. York Coffee Emporium offers a similar number of varieties that each have their own unique flavours and tastes.


The Gourmet Coffee Selection Pack is a great introduction to the range and includes five 200g bags of coffee with one from Africa, Indonesia, South and Central America and a blend. There are also gift sets with a cafetiere, bag of coffee and cups, as well as authentic empty coffee sacks.

York Coffee Emporium also sells loose leaf tea.

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February 2013