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Rare Tea Company

Highly commended rare white teas that are as delicious as they are good for you.

The Rare Tea Company specialises in rare white teas that are sourced in small quantities from mountain tea gardens in the region of Fujian, China where tea has been cultivated for 5000 years. Capturing the freshness from the day the tea was packaged, these brews are truly delicious.


This is very special tea, silver tip teas that are also known as silver needle and they are sourced personally by the company's founder, Henrietta Lovell. The tea is hand produced by skilled artisans and traded fairly. With a small selection on offer, it is easy to choose between white silver tip, jasmine silver tip, green silver tip, Oolong and green leaf tea. There are good descriptions, notes on brewing and benefits to health. Sold in 50g packs, there is a 10% discount on five or more packs.

Silver tip tea is different as leaf buds are used whereas the opened leaves are used in other teas. These teas are low in caffeine and tannins and if you didn't know, white tea is the least processed and thus contains the highest concentrates of anti-oxidants. All these benefits and generally the cost per pot is but 27 pence.


Like the very finest wine, The Rare Tea Company has limited edition teas where only a few kilos exist and they have just 100 packets of each. These are rare Darjeelings and worth every penny.

Discarding the need for fancy packaging and tins, the tea is packaged in air tight foil pouches to ensure freshness and they are shipped using sea freight, keeping the company's carbon footprint as low as possible.


Henrietta has sourced some teaware to enhance your drinking experience further with some tea cups from James & Tilla Waters and Sasha Wardell, that are made to order.

When drinking Rare Tea Company tea, you'll be in fine company: Mark Hix says 'This has to be tea at its finest', whilst Jay Rayner of The Observer reckons that the company offers 'the very best teas money can buy.' It is also served at the finest establishments - Chez Bruce, Tom Aikens, and the Soho Hotel. The Rare Tea Company is even mentioned in Alexander McCall Smith's latest novel Corduroy Mansions.