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Bringing a new world to drinking tea with a selection of quality loose leaf tea and tea temples.

teapigs wants us to all reclaim the kettle by drinking their fine green, white, black and blue, red, organic and herbal teas. This Ealing based company has a fresh approach to tea drinking; they have gone in search of quality teas and by the looks of things have returned with a tea bounty. Combine this with great packaging, your teapigs experience starts the minute you turn the kettle on.

teapigs have handpicked a superior selection of some of the world's finest teas, which you can buy either loose or in tea temples. The temples are not just any old bags but silky purses with plenty of room for leaves to infuse properly. Each tea listed gives full details of where it's grown and its health giving properties. PG Tips will soon be a thing of the past.

For those who need a kick to start their day, teapigs suggests Morning Glory, a signature blend of Rwandan, Assam and Ceylon tea. For the adventurous, there are a number of teas that fit the bill. Chilli tea is a Ceylon black tea with orange peel and chilli flakes. For chocoholics, try Chocolate Flake, black tea with whole pieces of chocolate. Tung ting blue is set to be the next big thing, a tea between green and black. If you're looking to focus your mind, yerba mate tea might do the trick whilst helping with detox and weight loss. The only trouble on this one, it's like Marmite. You'll love it or hate it. Rooibos teas, lemongrass and fragrant jasmine pearl green teas ensure that a variety of teas are represented on this beautiful website.

If you are at a loss as to what to choose, we suggest you pick a tea to suit your mood. Feeling grumpy? A cup of chai just might lift you out of the doldrums. The customer reviews are also helpful for first time visitors as is the section answering questions.

Teas are available loose or in packets of fifteen temples. You can also buy a sample pack of three temples, which is a good way to try the range. There is free p&p on orders over £25. teapigs stock a number of good looking gadgets for making and enjoying your tea from an elegant tea pot, glass cups and saucers to tea infusers. We like the tovolo tea infuser which is maraca shaped.

teapigs teas can also be bought at Harvey Nichols, Fresh & Wild and Wholefoods in Kensington High Street.

With 165 million cups of tea drunk a day in the UK, teapigs has its work cut out but by the looks of things, if tea can be as delicious and attractive as theirs is, the battle is almost won.