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Real Coffee

You get the business here, everything for the discerning coffee drinker.

The mail order coffee bean company Roast and Post runs this website, Real Coffee. The father of the present owner, James Perry, was a coffee taster who established a mail order business sometime ago.

Indeed, it seems most of the extended family is in the coffee trade, and the company has direct links to relations with international coffee trading companies and Tanzanian coffee plantations. Added up, it's around 150 years of experience you'll be benefiting from.

Roast and Post offer a fabulous selection of coffee, beans or ground if desired and should you want to roast your own, green beans. There is more than that though as you will find plenty of help in choosing the right coffee to suit your palate in the flavour and strength guide, advice on storage (the freezer every time) and more.

For first time visitors, consider buying the trial packs in their three categories, world, espresso and organic & ethical. If you can't find what you are looking for, email the company as they can and do supply speciality coffees that are not listed on the website.

If you buy in bulk, more than three packets (227g), discounts start to kick in and given that it keeps so well in the freezer, this is clearly the way to do it. Coffees from around the world feature in their list, Australian Skybury, Kona Hawaii, Yemeni Matari, Celebes Kalossi Toraja from SW Sulawesi. This is a plantation that was lost to jungle but refound in 1986 when coffee trees were replanted.

Roast and Post also sell speciality tea, green tea, herbal teas and fruit infusions. Contemplate bitter orange with peel, lotus with flowers, cinnamon with pieces.

And if that wasn't enough temptation, there are gifts and hampers for coffee and tea drinkers, all beautfully presented. Chocolate covered coffee beans always go down well.