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Your ticket to coffee that looks as good as it tastes.

Just when you thought your morning coffee couldn't get any better, up pops a, an international latte art community, where members post, rate and comment on latte art.


Latte art consists of making pretty patterns in the foam part of your cappuccino, and is something that anyone who has ever had a bad cappuccino might appreciate – it does after all require a certain amount of flair with the milk whizzer, not to mention a good quality espresso shot with a noticeably thick brown crema at the surface.


For all those coffee makers aspiring to such art forms, will prove an informative and inspiring resource. An introduction to Latte Art explains what it is, how to create the perfect milk foam, packing the perfect espresso shot, how to brew a perfect shot of espresso and your first foray into Latte Art. Once you’ve got the basics, guides to beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques will help you on your way to creating such patterns as The Snowman, The Butterfly or, for the really advanced latte technician, The Daisy.


Alongside detailed advice on how to make Latte Art, features a section on Latte Art Equipment, plus areas on Latte Art Books and Latte Art DVDs. Visit the Latte Art section for some inspiration from others who have uploaded pictures of their creations – there’s some really impressive work. That coffee shop down the road had better buck up its act.

29 January 2012