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Pure Tea

Put your feet up and have a cup of the finest organic tea.

For the best quality, fair trade, organic tea, you won't find better than at Pure Tea. Tea comes in many varieties; so whether you like it green, white or black, Chinese, Japanese or Indian, Pure Tea will have what you want, provide you with any required accessories and might even educate you in this ancient brew’s colourful history while you shop.


Pure Tea sources their tea from small tea plantations still growing and harvesting tea as their ancestors did centuries ago. Their selection of organic teas are produced at small organic tea gardens before being shipped in individual batches of just a few hundred kilos. To maintain the highest of standards, the tea is constantly monitored by experienced tea tasters, who will test the aroma, the appearance of the dry leaves, the moist leaf after brewing and the colour in the cup; rest assured only the very best pass the test! Pure Tea only sell their tea via this website, ensuring that their tea producers benefit from direct sales and that the plantation workers are paid a fair wage.


You may already know what kind of tea you like, but if you are not sure, each tea comes with a good description to help you out. Maybe you are interested in branching out from your normal variety; if this is the case, there are a series of Pure Tea taster selections you can order; for example, for £15 you will be able to sample their range of Japanese tea. Otherwise, click on 'Our Recommendations' and see what Pure Tea themselves suggest.


This website is all about high-class tea, and, in respect of this, uses the most correct terminology (none of your ‘builders’ here). However, if your tea knowledge is on the basic side, don’t worry, because there is an excellent glossary of terms on the site, the Tea Dictionary, which should clear up any confusion you may have.

20 September 2011