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Bringing some French cafe society into your home with speciality coffees, coffee machines and gifts for the coffee lover.

LeCafeShop is all about coffee, good quality speciality coffees that have been carefully sourced and roasted, ready to be delivered to you at home. It's not surprising that LeCafeShop started out in a Parisian cafe when its founder, Patrick Joseph, realised that the UK was calling out for gourmet coffee. A subsequent chance meeting with an old friend, who happened to be a master coffee roaster and LeCafeShop was on its way to becoming the one-stop-shop for coffee lovers with its range of Haute Culture coffee.


Drinking coffee is one of life's pleasure and as LeCafeShop says, 'Black as the Devil, Hot as hell, Pure as an angel, Sweet as love,' there is a coffee to suit every taste where buying gourmet coffee online couldn't be easier. Sourced worldwide and roasted to perfection, choose from a Noir de Noir French espresso, Veloute (a smooth all day coffee), Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance coffees (read about the difference between the two initiatives), coffees from Columbia, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Sumatra and Guatemala. All are available ready ground for espresso or filter or as coffee beans. Each coffee listed has details of the blend, where the beans originate, its strength and whether they have a good crema.

If you find it tricky to make a decision on which coffee to choose, you can compare LeCafeShop's coffee by a number of different criteria, whether you're looking for something to drink at a specific time of day, strength and type.


The Gourmet Coffee Gift Packs are perfect as a thank you present and perfect for any coffee lover. Choose between themed selections such as the Espresso pack, the Beans pack, the Morning pack, the Single Origins pack, pick two coffees and they'll be sent in a smart gift box with a greetings postcard. The chocolates are made specially for the company and are available in gift boxes as well. There are other gift ideas including coffee cups and spoons.

LeCafeShop completes its hat trick by stocking a good range of coffee makers, cafetieres, Bialetti stove tops, Nespresso and espresso machines. You'll find a stove top cappuccino maker sitting alongside the best selling Presso coffee maker. This elegant machine has no wires and is entirely portable. You load a spoon of ground coffee into the machine, pour over boiling water and lift up the handles to then press down.

The useful articles on the history of coffee, coffee recipes and tips ensure that you'll spend a good deal of time in this well-ordered online coffee boutique, not only learning about coffee but by being tempted at every turn to fill up your shopping basket.

There is a minimum order value of £7 and UK delivery is £2.95.