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Cup of Tea

A world of exquisite high quality teas.

Cup of Tea specialises in selling a wide range of high quality teas from single black estate to herbal infusions. All the tea stocked has been produced in the traditional hand-crafted way that makes all the difference when it comes to brewing and enjoying a cup.


With more than 100 teas available, there is something to suit every palate from the conoisseur to the health conscious with a good selection of rare teas, organic tea, black and green teas, fruit infusions and wellness teas. With tasting notes and an interesting page on the origin of tea, you can soon learn the difference between an Oolong and Pu Erh. Some of the teas, given their rarity, command high prices, like fine wine. Others are so beautiful, such as the French Rose or Camomile Blossom, that look too good to be true. The company has recently introduced Matcha, the tea of teas, that is used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. A fine green powder, this is frothed up using a bamboo whisk.


All the teas sold by Cup of Tea are produced using the traditional orthodox method. Unlike mass-production teas, this involves hand-picking and processing in small batches through each step. The final quality of the tea is entirely dependent on the skill and experience of the tea estate managers who know exactly how to get the best from each batch of freshly picked leaves. Tea tasters know to choose only the very best teas and infusions you can buy from all of the major tea growing regions around the world.


Fortunately, Cup of Tea also sells accessories from sleek mono glass teapots to comforting mugs, teapots for one, filters, thermometers and strainers.


Cup of Tea also organises Tea Tasting Workshops that are held at quality hotel venues around the UK where you can learn the secrets and techniques for choosing and making great brews. If you're interested in organising a corporate event, the company can lay on specially tailored workshops in most environments.

If your passion is high quality tea, or if you want an unusual present for a tea-drinking friend, you are in good hands at Cup of Tea.