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The Chocolate Gourmet

mmmm. Delicious chocolate.

The Chocolate Gourmet stocks a selection of delicious truffles and filled chocolates that can also be found in their shop in Ludlow. A visit to the shop must be pure heaven as it's already pretty good on the website, less of course the delicious aroma you get in the shop. There is also an extensive range of couverture chocolate from single origin to Gran Cru bars from some of the world's leading producers, El Rey from Venezuela, Valrhona and Michel Cluizel.

In the Hard to Find section, Turron nougat (several different varieties - the kind that Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith use in their recipes), chocolate dragees and silvered almonds all jostle for position on the tempted scales.

Online ordering is a simple task and should you have any problems, you can pick up the phone.