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Charbonnel et Walker

Charbonnel et Walker's truffles are delicious and there is a lot more besides.

Charbonnel et Walker is one of Britain's oldest chocolatiers, established in 1875, making chocolate for the connoisseur. With the encouragement of Edward VII (then Prince of Wales), Mrs. Walker and Mme Charbonnel, from the Maison Boissier chocolate house in Paris, began a partnership that was to be lifelong.

Charbonnel et Walker are traditional chocolatiers. So it comes as no surprise that one of their most yearned for chocolates is their rose and violet creams. The fondants (cremes parisiennes, peppermint creams and maple brazils) are made to the original recipes that Mme Charbonnel used and are unique with their crystallised finish.

Truffles are mouthwatering and are made in a number of flavours: pink champagne, cappuccino and an interesting Bucks Fizz, complete with matching orange box.

The boîte blanche has gold foil wrapped chocolate with letters of the alphabet and you can choose to send a message. One loyal customer sends his wife a box every year with an anagram. She has to deciper the message before eating the contents. The theatre box with a floral design and filled with a selection, is just the thing to take on an evening out.

Their drinking chocolate is renowned as is their delicious truffle sauce, all of which can be bought online.