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The Mobile Food Guide

The restaurant guide on your mobile.

The Mobile Food Guide allows you to access information on restaurants from your mobile and palm top computer from wherever you are in the world. It is the ultimate restaurant guide in your pocket which is kept up to date and free to use. You just pay the cost of the call. All the restaurants in The Mobile Food Guide are amongst the best and ones that you can trust time and again. As the database builds, The Mobile Food Guide will be synonomous with quality and a guide that you can trust.

So how does it work? You enter the url in your mobile and you will be directed to the mobile site, which has been carefully designed for high speed and low cost download. Click on Go Mobile to see a working example and how the system works.

The guide will find you a restaurant, where you can read a review, look at the menu and wine list. You can auto dial the restaurant from your mobile, link to their website if desired. If you are on a motorway, the guide will find you places to eat within a short distance from your nearest junction. Register to receive news of latest additions to the guide.