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Restaurant Guide

The Restaurant Guide acts as a good reference and research point for eating out.

Richard Bradford is involved in the food industry at several levels. He is the founder of Porters English Restaurant in Covent Garden, past President of The Master Chefs of Great Britain, a member of the committee for the Restaurant Association, and an enthusiastic web publisher. This is just one of several sites operated by the Earl of Bradford, who greets us and explains his philosophy on the homepage.

Although the site has a certain old world charm about it, we like the restaurant reviews, which are included here on the following premises. The restaurants are either listed in a major guide, personally known or recommended by food writers. The speak is chatty and informative and the site is regularly updated with new reviews, some by the site's audience.

The site is easy to browse and search for a restaurant nationwide either by inputting the restaurant name or town or by selecting an area on the map. Once you've found somewhere, use the Control Panel to book a table, set up a print version of the review or email a friend.

You can also print out vouchers, which entitle you to discounts at one of the Earl of Bradford's restaurants and other participating ones.