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AA Restaurant & Pub Guide

An easy-to-use and reliable hotel and restaurant guide.

One may not always agree with the AA inspectors' old-fashioned views and definitions, but their annual publication is gradually turning into one of the best-written restaurant guides available. The online version, in many respects, is better, although updating is done annually rather than as necessary. The vast majority of information, however, is current. The photographs of individual restaurants can be slow to arrive, but the other images and the text on this attractive site come up promptly. Click on the map of Great Britain and Ireland or on the list of regions to find out more information, or search using a keyword or restaurant name. Once you are in your chosen region, the site gives hotel and bed and breakfast information too. The food categories are at the far right of the screen.

Special Features

Reviews Food, décor, and service are the focus of the text, which although newspaper editors and columnists don't realise it, is the stuff we really need to know. The AA's writers look for the best in each establishment and skilfully make the mouth water. Unfortunately, however, there is a clear bias towards French and haute cuisine in the ratings system ,and a general lack of understanding when it comes to fine ethnic cooking. Nobu is worth only two rosettes? Wake up and smell the miso, inspectorate.