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Graham Tigg's Dining in France

A charming and worthwhile site for anyone interested in culinary journeys through France.

Graham Tigg began writing up his experiences of fine restaurants in France in 1994, when he realised his visits were becoming hazy memories. On this website he shares the enjoyment with us, and points to useful guides for our own trip. Fortunately for Graham and us, the restaurant scene in rural France doesn't change that quickly. The reviews are dated and he strongly advises us to check up-to-date professional guidebooks for factual details. The layout is clear and straightforward, and as there are few images, the site works quickly. Scroll down until the map of France is on the screen and click on the region you are looking for. Alternatively, choose a section from the menu panel down the left of the page or the strip underneath the map. Scroll down further and you will find a list of the most recent reviews.

Special Features

Introduction gives the story behind the site and offers guidelines to bear in mind when reading Graham's reviews. Food for him comes first, indeed he sees it as an art. He also appreciates good value for money and unpretentious staff.

Recent Reviews are all listed by date. At the time of review, the latest one had been published three months earlier, but often the guide has an addition every month or so. As it's based on Graham's own personal trips to France, it's perfectly understandable that the reviews are slightly sporadic.

Favourites include several restaurants from the Languedoc region, which Graham and his wife Sue visit most often. The page layout moves generally from north to south, with particular favourites highlighted by a red star. A cross-section of price points is covered.

Regional Reviews has a clickable map which leads to the regional listings. At the top there's a brief round-up of the reviewed establishments; scroll down for more detailed musings.

London and UK Dining also includes Brussels and Philadelphia! Click on the region in which you are interested or scroll down to find recent reviews. Small maps are shown to indicate the style of cooking, but on the whole Graham's tastes are pretty upmarket. Even the Everyday Fine Dining page tends towards fixed price lunch menus at top establishments rather than cheaper options. But keeping things up-to-date here is proving a challenge. As Graham says: 'Almost every month one of these reviews is nullified by a departing chef who invariably pops up elsewhere.'

Links are given to the sites of restaurants and other restaurant reviewers, including numerous foreign sites. This is well worth checking out as it is one of the most comprehensive lists of restaurant-related links.

Other Features

Restaurants on Graham's wish list (this needs updating - he's missed the boat for some of them) and Other London Recommendations, which remembers places visited and enjoyed many years ago.