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Traditional English Restaurants of London

Find a properly-prepared sirloin of beef with yorkshire pudding, with a steamed syrup sponge to round it off.

The Earl of Bradford's enthusiasm for english food stands out a mile on this, another of his sites for the fine diner. This site is very much geared towards the tourist, who wants to eat in a restaurant with history and of course, sample some of the capital's finest english food. The founder of Porters English Restaurant in Covent Garden has put together a good selection of where to eat and where to eat it well.

The site is set out on the lines of an old fashioned broadsheet, which works well for displaying all the information and links in an easy to use format. Again, you will find the reviews chatty and full of information. Some come with a little history of the establishments, which is charming, and appropriate on a site such as this which has great appeal to the tourist market.

The most recent reviews are highlighted with a New! splash but as to how new, that is unclear. The choice of restaurants is concise, which can only aid the reader's decision making. The reader also has the opportunity to register their thoughts on the restaurants listed by filling in a form online.

The Recipes are a nice touch and come from featured restaurants.