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The more, the merrier at this site. Send in your own reviews and we'll all benefit.

Chung Webster's popular enthusiasts’ site is well-served with contributions from visitors. It's all based on subjective amateur opinion, although there are many devoted contributors supplying reviews of recent visits, and as a curry house address book, it works well. The design is straightforward and attractive, with several entry points highlighted centre-screen and in strips accross the top and bottom of the homepage.

Special Features

New Stuff Covers a variety of areas round Britain and, unlike many sites, all reviews are very recent, even if the openings are not. In some cases, just the addresses and phone numbers have been added to the database, rather than formal reviews.

Search There are around 370 Indian restaurants listed for London alone, although the coverage is still not as good as it needs to be. Govinda's, the vegetarian restaurant in Soho Square, is a curious inclusion, while the long-established Tamarind in Mayfair was added only just before the time of our last review and only one branch of Rasa was given. The emphasis is on cheap and cheerful curry houses rather than fine Indian dining.

Glossary is very well done, providing definitions for most of the popular styles of curry with a definite bias towards North Indian cooking. Click on the starting letter to jump to the definition you require.

Curry Poll A fascinating section with n impressive number of votes in each category. Readers are asked to vote on various curry-related subjects, including their favourite curry, heat preferences, frequency of curry consumption and favorite Indian Beer. Vindaloo has been almost ready to beat tikka masala for some time now, but balti and korma are not var behind and, interestingly, tandoori is not very popular. Most visitors like their curry medium or hot rather than 'if it doesn't make you sweat it's not worth eating', and around 32 percent eat it two to four times a week - probably with a Kingfisher beer.

Mobile Internet Yes, you can use your phone to search Curry Pages while you're out and about - a lifesaver if you find yourself in rural Leicestershire and suddenly need curry.

Other Features

Links to other curry and restaurant sites, feedback form, and book sales through Amazon, with some obscure and interesting suggested titles, such as 'Celebrating Soy and Tofu in Traditional Indian Food'.