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The Ocean Project

Become part of a global network, committed to ocean conservation.

The Ocean Project is a partner network of Zoos, Aquariums and Museum’s (ZAMs), committed to raising awareness through education and research about the welfare of the Earth’s oceans. Formulated in North America in the 1990s, the project has grown to incorporate 1,300 Partnership organisations the world over.

Selfridges has been running a series of talks with the last one taking place on Thursday 2nd June. Tales of the Deep will be chaired by Selfridges' Creative Director, Alannah Weston. David De Rothschild will talk about his mission across the Pacific on board Plastiki; Surfers for Sewage champion Chris Hines discusses his journey from beach bum to MBE and Philip Hoare, author of Leviathan, shares his obsession with whales. For more information, visit


As the world’s population grows, so does the demand for seafood. According to the UN, around two-thirds of our ocean species are being over-fished. The situation is so serious that a recent study shows that, unless things change, the populations of all wild fish species currently caught will collapse before the year 2050. The growing demand for fish has led to the use of increasingly aggressive fishing techniques; resulting in vast numbers of unwanted fish being thrown back dead into the sea. Meanwhile, we continue to pollute our oceans with plastics and toxic waste, thereby threatening aquatic life still further.


The Ocean Project conducts and monitors public opinion and communications research related to conservation. As this is a global concern, the plan is to build a worldwide network for conservation among the site’s partners; meanwhile providing the latest news, information, and resources to help The Ocean Project partners be as effective as they possibly can. Seas the Day, for instance, is a monthly newsletter, providing ZAMs with conservation-themed content, for use in their exhibits, programs, and activities, including effective ways to inspire their visitors and the public to engage with this problem on a local and personal scale.


Even if not involved with any of these partnership organisations, we can all do things to improve the situation. Take the Seven Cs Pledge and learn what small changes you can make to help save the world’s oceans. World Oceans Day is just around the corner on June 8th, so why not think about organising an event of your own?

The implications of overfishing and ocean pollution are huge, and will affect each and every one of us. The Ocean Project seeks change on a global scale, but change relies on the efforts of the individual.

24 May 2011