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World Wide Recipes

A great way to swap ideas and recipes with like-minded cooks.

Claiming to be the largest daily recipe service, this site has been emailing free dishes and menus world-wide since 1998. As well as being able to register for this service, there's a website featuring recipes and comment from around the world. Page speed varies, and the cookbooks section is particularly slow, but they apologise and ask for your patience. The pages are long, and if you have a small screen you will need to scroll down to find the navigational buttons at the left of the page. Other entry points are provided on the main section of the page. There are also navigational tools at the bottom of the interior pages. You may need to use your toolbar to enlarge text of menus and recipes. Many recipes are modern adaptations of traditional dishes and forum contributions appear as sent, with no testing. Metric quantities are given in addition to American measures.

Special Features

Ezine features daily recipes, dishes, and comment from readers all round the world. There's a nice club atmosphere; it doesn't take long to figure out the in-jokes and the daily Food Funny usually prompts a laugh. The menus are frequently themed, such as a week of traditional Polish or English recipes. The forum is subject-led too, so for a few weeks will feature only specific comment on, for example, low-fat meals for two. You will need to subscribe to access the archive of menus and recipes on the home pages.

Recipes gives a typical week's sample menu with all the recipes.

Cookbook sales are linked to The Chef features his top ten cookbooks, including titles from leading writers Julia Child, Marcella Hazan and Sheila Lukins, and there are two lists of reader's recommended cookbooks with personal comments.

The Bar gives sample cocktail recipes plus a recipe for curried pecans to snack on while drinking.

Other Features

You can submit recipes and comments to the home page, enter a monthly prize draw, or follow up links to sponsor companies or The Hunger Site.