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If you appreciate Tony's way of looking at the world you will want to visit regularly.

Tony le Ray Cook is the author-publisher of this long-running site, which he claims was the first British ezine on wine, food and travel. The archive now offers thousands of articles, though some are outdated. Although there's proper journalism here, the site is also very personal, and arguably, biased. Lots of scrolling is required and it takes quite a while for the images to appear. To begin browsing click on Wine, Restaurants or Travel at the top of the page, depending on your interest, or scroll down to the monthly features highlighted lower on the main page.

Special Features

Monthly articles The bias - and the strength - is generally towards wine and it's not unusual for nearly all of the monthly articles to be on this subject, perhaps a recent tasting for wine writers held by a supermarket, or a round-up of the latest champagne vintage. New guides and books sometimes inspire features too.

Dining A broad spectrum of venues is covered, from Pizza Express to Gidleigh Park and The Mirabelle. reviews are archived and some are quite old. Our last visit saw the inclusion of a specialist duck restaurant in Beijing, and the promise of forthcoming reviewsfrom Palm Beach and New York. Tony is not the only contributor, but dominates; at once a pompous bon viveur and a conspiratorial friend, he can make you laugh out loud.

Wine seems to be Tony's true love, and is the strongest section of the site.

Travel is a confusing section. Some entries look more like classified advertisements than articles.

Links are prolific, mainly on wine but also to various associations, travel services and recommended venues.