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Stirrin Stuff

Educating children and young people about food.

Strirrin Stuff is primarily a campaigning site, to educate children and young people about food.

This homespun site has been masterminded by Fiona Bird, a mother of six. Keen to get more families cooking, whatever the demands of work, she feels that we can all make time to have a bit of fun stirrin' the pot.

Fiona was a finalist of UK Masterchef 2001 and also a Sunday Times Amateur chef finalist. She's obviously good at cooking, as well as juggling the demands that motherhood entails. And just because you're pushed for time, it doesn't mean that you and your family have to eat second rate food. Fiona has put together a selection of recipes that don't take long to prepare but are full in the flavour department.

Both Fiona and sixteen year old daughter Lili write regular recipes for the Aberdeen journal and their column launches an opportunity for young people to send in recipes, which they test, publishing the best.

You are not inundated with recipes but there are some worth looking at. Search by meal, be it breakfast, lunch or tea. Or you can browse by season, including: spring soup, summer salad bowls, Autumn compote and winter mincemeat.

Strirrin Stuff also produces recipes for other websites, magazines and has a publishing deal in the pipeline. Check the site for regular workshops available.