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Red Tractor

Support UK farmers and food producers by buying Red Tractor logo products.

With the emphasis on buying food, grown or reared in the UK, it's reassuring to know that the Red Tractor logo is here to help, pointing consumers in the right direction. So whether you're buying meat, dairy, crops, fruit or vegetables, you'll be able to find the products that have been farmed in the UK. The movement has attracted support from over 78000 farmers, nearly 600 brands and food companies across the UK who operate to Red Tractor's standards.


Shoppers should keep an eye out for the Red Tractor logo when they're doing their weekly shop. Not only are you supporting local food producers but you can be rest assured that the food is of good quality and good value. Restaurants and cafes also use the Red Tractor logo so when you're eating out, make sure you spot the logo.

Participating producers and suppliers are inspected to ensure they meet Red Tractor's rigorous standards which includes food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection, to traceability and origin. The Union Flag, which forms part of the logo, guarantees that the food has been farmed, processed and packed in the UK by British producers.


The Red Tractor logo makes it easy for shoppers to spot and with its twelve year history, consumers know that this isn't just a marketing fad. Launched in 2000, farmers, producers and retailers were behind the scheme right from the start. It operates independently on a not-for-profit basis with costs being met by assurance fees and licence payments made by farmers and food companies.


Red Tractor recently celebrated twelve years of great farming and food, raising awareness of the movement. There are fun videos with recipes, meal plans and competitions. Make sure you watch the videos of impressionist and mum, Debra Stephenson too.

October 2012