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Real Food Lover

Passionate about wholesome and healthy real food.

Real Food Lover is a passionate food blog, which has been shortlisted for the Guild of Food Writers 2009 awards.


What is real food? As close to nature as it can get. Grown organically – without chemicals and with respect, as close to home as possible. The blog celebrates everything that is wholefoody and unprocessed.


Learn how to have better health with better food. This informative blog is crammed with nutritious and delicious ideas. There’s tips on how to make the perfect brown rice, fabulous fast food recipes such as lentils with chilli and tasty comfort food like bean and beetroot pie. 


Real Food Lover was created by Elisabeth Winkler, who is a journalist and editor, passionate about writing that is entertaining, informative and accessible. She is currently food editor for The Source. With a history of writing for national papers , in 2000 she had a weekly political column in the Bristol Evening Post called Earthmother. From 2001 to May 2009, she was editor of Living Earth, the Soil Association’s  membership magazine, and then its journal, Mother Earth. she is steeped, as a result, in organic expertise.