Food & Drink


Find a space to grow your own.

The Landshare website has been recently updated as an even more brilliant resource for anyone who wants to grow their own food. 


The idea for Landshare was born out of Channel 4’s River Cottage series, when Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall helped some Bristol families grow food on disused council land. Since then more than 2,000 acres of land have been offered by those willing to share their land with people who want to grow

With allotment waiting lists massively over-subscribed and people right across the country keener than ever to grow their own, Landshare has helped to make fresh local produce more accessible to all. 


Growing your own produce not only saves you money on your food bills but it also provides you and your family with healthier food, reduces your carbon footprint and it’s better for the environment. It can also be a lot of fun and a way to get your community together not to mention the exercise and fresh air. 


Sign up as a grower, a landowner (you can offer your land in return for produce), a land-spotter (if you’ve got your eye on a fertile patch) or a facilitator (to support elderly or other landsharers who need a bit of help). If you are in a group you can share info on events and keep in touch with other members. As the site grows and grows, major landowners like the National Trust are getting involved to free up more land for food growers across the UK.