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Global Gourmet

A gourmet treat, which would be made more delicious with a dash of improved writing standards.

An uncomplicated, seemingly independent, editorially-led site from real culinary enthusiasts, which although not particularly stylish, is functional, fast and easy to read. There's a natural American bias, even though cuisines from all round the world are covered, and although 'gourmet' describes the site well, the writing style is sometimes too gee-whiz. Move around the site by choosing from the various sections listed down the right side of the homepage - once inside, the menu panel moves to the left.

Special Features

Kate's Global Kitchen/Virtual Journey Well-written articles take you round the world, sampling the finest food each country has to offer. The delightful Kate assumes readers are not just food lovers but people with a serious enthusiasm for gastronomy - she doesn't hesitate to talk foie gras.

Pasta, Risotto and You This lovely recipe section by Nancy Carvano majors on pasta and risotto but is generally enthusiastic about all Italian food, and often supplies complete menus for entertaining. Nancy's advice is sound and she is mindful of the cook's needs when writing recipes and menus. Browse the archives for some wonderful dishes.

Just Good Food Ex-chef John Ryan presents down-to-earth recipes with some hard-nosed practical cookery education thrown in. It's a good section but you may want to skip the first few paragraphs of personal insight to reach the genuinely useful information.

Recipe Archives This includes the various contributors' original material, plus highlighted recipes from the site's cookbook reviews, resulting in a superb selection of interesting dishes.

Culinary Sleuth Some sleuthing is required to figure out what this section is supposed to be about. Sometimes there are articles on ingredients, other times it's about dishes; there are recipes, but not always. Subjects include torrone, marinades, herbs and spices, and sweet potatoes.

I Love Chocolate The information here is good but, again, the writing can be amateurish.

Cookbook Profiles Updated weekly, these are too heavily derived from publishers' promotional material and don't stand up as authoritative reviews. However, they do feature recipews from the books and the archive is worth browsing.

NetFood Directory features detailed articles on other websites and links to them./ All are archived and, although some links are no longer working, this is an excellent base for further exploration of food on the internet, particularly if you enjoy visiting Americnan sites.

Cooking with Kids is a link to another site featuring extracts from the book Cooking with Kids for Dummies.

Other Features

Wine Diary is updated on weekdays and features a winery of the week; Gourmet Guess is a fun, regular, competition, but the prize can only be offered to American readers. There is a Letters to the Editor section.