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Fairtrade Fortnight

Find a Fairtrade event near you from 25 Feb to 11 Mar 2013.

Fairtrade Fortnight takes place between 25th February to 11th March 2013. The aim of the fortnight is to galvanise campaigners, supporters and the general public to organise events during the fortnight.


Fairtrade Fortnight's theme this year is Take A Step: go further for small holder farmers. For two whole weeks make sure you explain to everyone why Fairtrade matters. Talk about the importance of Fairtrade to producers, the benefits of the Fairtrade premium for local communities and the change Fairtrade brings, giving all the more reason for people in the UK to choose Fairtrade. Find out more about this year's theme, Take a Step in 2013.


1. Sales of Fairtrade chocolate confectionery have more than quadrupled in 2010 to an estimated retail value of £342 million, making chocolate the leading Fairtrade product by value in the UK.

2. Sales of Fairtrade drinking chocolate have nearly trebled to an estimated retail value of £34 million.

3. Sales of Fairtrade coffee and tea are still increasing, especially in the catering sector – the volume of coffee sales has increased 16% in volume to just over 14,000 tonnes, equivalent to an estimated 6.4 million cups of Fairtrade coffee drunk every day. Sales of Fairtrade tea have increased 5% by volume in the last year, equivalent to 9.3 million cups of tea drunk every day.

4. Smaller categories of Fairtrade products are also showing growth – Fairtrade spices increased 30% over the last year, and over 1 million cosmetic products were sold.

5. Sales of some categories have had flat or declining sales – for example, fresh fruit and flowers. Fairtrade cotton fell back to just over 10 million units (eg. garments, kitchen and bedroom linen, cotton wool) in 2010.