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Chocolate Week

Chocolate Week: A celebration of chocolate with events held countrywide, from 8 -14 Oct.

Chocolate Week celebrates one of life's indulgences with chocolate tastings, demonstrations, talks and launches of new chocolate. This special week is held every October and in order to find out about events near you, click on their site.

The events provide an opportunity to learn about real chocolate, its health benefits, its origins and how it is made, with all its different nuances in flavour and texture. The aim is that you learn to enjoy chocolate as you would a fine wine.

Many of the events take place in chocolate shops and the celebration continues at the Festival of Chocolate at the Spirit of Christmas Fair, held at Olympia during November. You will be able to taste some of the world's finest chocolate and some of the new creations launched during Chocolate Week.

On the site, you can read about The Academy of Chocolate Awards, the Oscars of the chocolate world. The list acts as an interesting guide if you're looking to branch out and try something new.

In the UK, we consume a staggering eleven kilograms per person each year. Much of this is down to the bars you pick up in your local shops but the scene is changing. The new chocolatiers are turning the tide against these impulse buys and persuading us to choose premier cru for our sugar fix.