Food & Drink

Big Barn

Putting fresh, local food on the map

Big Barn is a virtual farmer’s market that is putting fresh food on the map by providing visitors with information about and direct access to local suppliers.


Enter you full postcode and you will be able to view a map of all your local suppliers. The different producers range from bakeries and mills to country markets, farm shops, meat and game suppliers, nurseries and pick your own places. Click on the different icons for contact details. The red icons mean that you can buy online directly from that particular producer.


The informative blog is regularly updated with useful info such as where to buy good pork, how to save money and eat well in a recession and seasonal ideas. The monthly what’s in season section also features inspirational recipe ideas, or you can use the recipe search facility. If you sign up to the newsletter you will be kept updated with local info such as dates of farmer’s markets in your area.


The Big Barn mission is to help to rebuild local food supply chains across the UK by allowing visitors to support their local food suppliers. Buying local shouldn't be a once-in-a-while thing, it should be for every day.