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The online cookery community comes to the UK

Allrecipes is the online cookery community that acts as a complete resource for recipes and cooking tips given by real people, with not a celebrity in sight.

This site is wonderful if you are looking for recipes for a particular food; it is especially good on cookies and brownies, some of the combinations, weird and wonderful. There are recipes of the day, a weekly top ten, recipe exchange, hints and tips and the opportunity to review the recipes you have tried. Search for recipes by listing ingredients in your fridge, by the amount of time you have to prepare a meal or by dishes for special occasions. There is also a good section on recipes that cater for special diets.

Members can review recipes and swap their cooking triumphs and nightmares and even upload photographs of the finished products. Members can also leave feedback on how they've tailored the recipe to suit their tastes, sometimes for the better.

When you register, list your interests and the area of the UK in which you live. You can then interact with fellow food enthusiasts in your vicinity. You can also build your own Recipe Box for easy use on return visits, post recipe ratings and reviews, receive email alerts and newsletters and create easy-to-use shopping lists. The site also runs competitions where you can test your culinary know-how.

In the US, Allrecipes is the largest and most trusted community-driven food site with over 11 million unique users every month, a quarter of which are based in the UK.