Instagram has given rise to a host of crazy food trends which are – let’s face it – more about how food looks than tastes.

The Age of Instagram (as it shall be known in years to come) has seen many behavioural changes among the human species. It is, for example, now perfectly acceptable to stand on a chair and photograph one’s lunch. Or post pictures of oneself eating it. And don’t get us started on belfies.

Amidst the madness, Instagram has also given rise to a host of crazy food trends which are – let’s face it – more about how food looks than tastes. Why else would someone put charcoal in their ice-cream? It’s not a question we dwell on too much, not when there is mermaid toast to marvel at.

Here are some of our favourite insta-food trends.

#coffeecaviar - 241 posts
Image: @paperfections25/

A new one for 2017, coffee caviar looks a little like fish eggs but is basically little blobs of coffee added to deserts as well as savoury dishes. A new fad on the fine dining circuit – and amongst instagrammers – we love coffee ice-cream so why not coffee eggs?

#blackicecream - 15,522 posts
Image: @little.damage

Instagram’s new favourite sweet treat, black ice-cream is made with activated charcoal (apparently good for you) and is ideally served in a black cone, too, though you can add multi-coloured ‘Unicorn Tears’ (otherwise known as sprinkles) to lighten the gothic mood.

#freakshakes - 22,774 posts
Image: @lefreakshaker

There are definitely some days (okay most days) when we would be only too happy to dive nose first into a Freakshake. A monster milkshake hailing from Australia, Freakshakes routinely includes the addition of ice-cream, brownie, donuts, Chantilly cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and as much colourful confectionary as you can fit onto this dazzling, sugary extravagance.

#icecreamrolls - 45,792 posts
Image: @10belowicecream

This Thai ice-cream trend is also known as stir-fried ice-cream and can be whipped up in two minutes flat by expert Thai street vendors. Made by pouring sweet milk onto an extremely cold steel surface, once the milk has frozen solid, it is spread thinly and scraped at an angle to make magnificent – and we think you’ll agree – highly instagrammable rolls of ice-cream, which can then be decorated as desired.

#bowlfood - 19,652 posts
Image: @nigellalawson

It’s not an ingredient but a piece of crockery that is the foundation of this Instagram food trend and who would have thought that a bowl (instead of a plate) could be the source of so much inspiration? Quiet naysayers. This is serious. Nigella says that ‘bowlfood’ is “simultaneously soothing, bolstering undemanding and sustaining”. It also looks rather pretty on insta. We’re totally down with it.

#unicornlatte - 3,248 posts
Image: @thendbrooklyn

In other news, Brooklyn coffee shop, The End, is suing Starbucks for stealing its’ unicorn latte idea. No, it’s not Graham Bell inventing the telephone, but this stuff MATTERS, goddamn! Check out the hashtag #unicornlatte on insta to find out what all the fuss is about.

#avocadorose - 13,963 posts
Image: @yummymummykitchen

If you really want to raise your Instagram game, you could try making an avocado rose. Warning: you will probably end up with mashed avocado all over the place. It will not be pretty or at all insta-friendly. In fact, we recommend taking a back seat on this one. Maybe a belfie will do instead.

#layercake - 156,260 posts
Image: @fortytwocakes

Possibly our favourite Instagram food trend, for sheer skill and wow factor, you just can’t beat a layer cake. A traditional English cake (otherwise known as a sandwich cake) made up of multiple layers of sponge held together by frosting, cream or some other sort of filling, the layer cakes of Instagram take it to a whole new level. And we’re pretty sure they taste good too.

#mermaidtoast - 1,509 posts
Image: @thebeat1036fm

Proof that most instagrammers are actually just little girls in pink dresses is the birth of the ‘Mermaid Toast’ – the most ridiculous Instagram craze to hit our iPhones since… oh, erm…. the Unicorn Latte? Magical, colourful and pretty as only the best instagram picture can be, we’ll only say this: avocado toast had better watch its’ back.

#cloudeggs - 8,591 posts
Image: @thebeat1036fm

The latest Instagram craze that we could probably live without, cloud eggs are basically egg whites frothed into a soft meringue-like consistency around an intact yolk. The resulting picture looks like the sun sitting pensively amidst fluffy clouds. Die-hard Instagrammers are getting rather terribly about it, but we’d take a fried egg over-easy any day.

July 2017