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Six Foodie Gifts to say “I love you”

Valentine’s Day: cheesy, commercial, naff, over-inflated and silly. But we still want a present. One of these will do nicely. Please forward to the relevant person.

Iced ‘Bunch of Flowers’ biscuit

We would be happy to receive almost any of the ‘almost too pretty to eat” biscuits from Biscuiteers as a Valentine’s surprise but this iced bunch of flowers biscuit takes the, er… oh stop it! The best thing is that it only costs £9 so much cheaper than a bunch of naff red roses (never get us those, please). £9

Cupcake Giftbox

Fall in love with cupcakes all over again with these fluffy chocolate and vanilla sponges from cupcake master, Hummingbird Bakery. With lightly whipped frosting and fondant hearts, this box of six cupcakes will be a box of five, then a box of four, then a box of three until… oops, you ate them all. £19.95

Heart-shaped mini frying pan

How about this unusually shaped frying pan from Prezzy Box? Buy in advance of Valentine’s Day and conjure up a heart-shaped fried egg, pancake or omelette as a surprise for breakfast. Now that’s what we call romance. £3.99

Heart Chocolate Box

Old-school but always appreciated, a surprise box of chocs is a never-fail way to tell someone you rather like them. Just in case you missed the message, this luxurious Fortnum’s box is heart-shaped and filled with classic flavours such as vanilla fudge and sea salted caramel truffles. Post-coital praline, anyone? £40

Godminster Organic Cheddar

If she is sweet (but without a sweet tooth) then abandon all thoughts of chocolate or biscuits in favour of this Godminster heart-shaped cheddar. It is suitably “cheesy” for Valentine’s Day (sorry) and if you haven’t yet tried Godminster cheddar, you are in for a treat. From Borough Box, £14.95

Red Love Eclair

Two things no one should ever live without: love and éclairs. Beautifully combining the two, Maitre Choux brings you this light and delicate choux, filled with Tahitian vanilla cream and a raspberry puree and covered with raspberry-flavoured éclair-shaped macaron. Sigh. £5.80