No-one does Easter better than the Italians, especially when it comes to food.

Fancy doing something a little different this Easter? How about impressing your guests with an Italian-themed Easter menu? One of Italy’s biggest holidays, Pasqua is celebrated across the Italy with religious processions, parades, fireworks, dancing, games and, to mark the end of Lent, a number of traditional dishes and recipes that play a big part in the celebrations.

Here are some of Italy’s most famous Easter recipes, as shared by some of our favourite chefs, writers and food bloggers.

Scuisceddu (Easter Soup) by Academia Barilla
Originates: Sicily

A delicious Easter starter, this ricotta, egg and meatball soup can be prepared in a variety of ways and is traditionally served on Easter Sunday in Messina, Sicily. Italians have been enjoying this dish for a long time: the word scuisceddu derives from the Latin Juscellum, which was included in a Roman recipe book dating back to the late 4th or 5th century. Check out this recipe from Italian Food Academy, Academia Barilla.

Torta Pasqualina (Ligurian Easter Pie) by Ottolenghi
Originates: Liguria

This recipe for Torta Pasqualina by Ottolenghi is made with fine layers of dough filled with chard, eggs and ricotta. Traditionally served at Easter, it can be traced back the the fifteenth century. The original version is said to have required 33 layers of dough to represent the 33 years of Christ. Emiko Davies also does a great recipe for this.

Costolette di Agnello Fritte (Breaded Lamb Chops) by Filippo Trapella
Originates: Bologna

Much like the UK, Easter in Italy means lamb. Each region has its own traditional ways of cooking it, and, in Bologna, this means fried. This classic recipe for breaded lamb chops from supper club host and blogger, Filippo Trapella, comes straight from his childhood and his grandmother’s table in Bologna. Coated in egg and cream then dipped in breadcrumbs and fried, it is a feast for the senses in every way.

Carciofi e Patate (Artichokes and Potatoes) by Frank Fariello
Originates: Naples

Lawyer by day, cook by night, Italian-American, Frank, learnt his love of food from his nonna, who immigrated from the region of Campania to America in the 1920s. He now writes a fabulous food blog in her memory called Memorie di Angelina. Traditionally served at Easter in Italy as a side-dish alongside lamb, this recipe for fried artichokes and potatoes is inspired by the abundance of fresh artichokes available in Italy in spring.

Schiacciata di Pasqua (Tuscan Easter Bread) by Emiko Davies
Originates: Tuscany

Half Italian, half Japanese blogger Emiko Davies is married to an Italian and shares her passion for traditional Tuscan cuisine via her brilliant blog, Emiko Davies. This recipe for Schiacciata di Pasqua, a type of sweet bread, originated from the small town of Fucecchio as a way of preserving the abundance of springtime eggs. It is best made on Good Friday so it is ready for the table on Easter Sunday, but is also delicious dunked in vin santo when a bit stale.

Coffee and Hazlenut Meringue Easter Cake by Skye McCalpine

It’s not a traditional Italian Easter recipe, but it should be. This beautiful creation from Venice-based cook, blogger and writer, Skye McCalpine is inspired by the rustic Italian whipped cream and meringue dessert of her childhood, meringata, and the finer-spun French meringue, merveilleux. Sky’s version, mixed with coffee and hazelnut, and topped with sugar coated eggs and scattered crystallised flowers is about as magnificent an Easter centerpiece we can think of. Buon appetito!

By Team GWG
Updated April 2022


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