The Good Web Guide meets the Parisian King of High Tea; Jean Nedelec, founder of Boujie Macarons...

It's a beautiful spring morning, sunshine battling through the clouds... Here at The GWG we couldn't be happier because sitting before us, his arms crossed over a starched white linen tablecloth (in the very chic surroundings of Sloane Square's The Botanist) is none other than the King of High Tea, Jean Nedelec - the Parisian charmer and the brains behind our favourite afternoon treat - Boujie Macarons. Forget La Duree, Forget Hummingbird, these tiny bites of heaven are where it's at...

So Jean, what are the main ingredients in the Boujie Macarons? 

Almonds, sugar, egg whites and love!

Who comes up with the recipes? 

A mixture between my staff and my chef’s skills.

Do you sit up at night thinking them up? 

I dream about putting flavours and ideas together!

Could you want to tell us a bit about how you started the company?

Having been in love with the Macarons since my childhood I could not believe there were none existent on the UK high street. I had the skills and more importantly, a very good recipe to make them. With that in hand I set up Bougie Macaron four years ago.

What’s been the biggest challenge about creating an online business selling food products?

Sending fresh, short life, perishable and fragile products is bound to be a challenge!

What about marketing yourself on the internet? Any tips? 

Famous 3, Google, Facebook, Twitter.

This year in particular do you have any plans for new flavours? 

We are celebrating British flavours this year and we have put together a great line of British classics like Strawberry and Cream and Apple Toffee Macarons and more to celebrate Jubilee this year.

Any advice for budding entrepreneurs?

If you have an idea and feel that is right for you than go for it... It's crucial to seek advice from business related companies to help you draw up a plan that stands solid for the challenges ahead.

Who else is in the company? 

My lovely staff, great and creative people!

Are there any food websites that you particularly find useful? 

There are lots of creative foodies out there, check Bompas and Parr, Blanch and Shock and websites for your local farmers markets. 

You've taken part in some incredible events over the last year, could you tell us a bit about them? 

We have exposed our ideas and creativity with EFS (The Experimental Food Society) for the last two years: this year to celebrate apple day we created a virtual tree full of apple Macarons and among them one bad Macaron, some hand written poems and we created a scene under the apple tree were you can have a picnic whilst reading poems.

Finally you're riding the wave of a big trend; for cakes, patisseries, Macarons - it’s amazing how it’s taken off in such a big way… What are your thoughts? 

Well, I think of a Macaron as an alternative to a bottle of champagne or wine, they come in different flavours and of course they create a talking point! Pastel colours entice your appetite for the sweet treats to come. In France, Parisian men pretend to buy a box of Macaron for their girlfriends, to see them fully indulging. You could have a small sweet Macaron treat anytime of the day, in the tube, at the office or at home watching TV. We understand why people choose to indulge in Macarons for a moment of pleasure! 

17th April 2012.